Entering client details

You can view a factsheet for an individual contract simply by clicking on its name in the grid (clicking on the company name displays a factsheet for the provider). The contract factsheet is illustrated by the first screenshot, and can be saved in PDF format using the link on the menu bar below the page’s title.

A contract factsheet consists of a number of sections such as features, policy conditions, financial strength etc. You can choose which are included using the tickboxes at the top of the page.

The factsheet also includes a list of all linked funds available on the contract. However, this information can also be obtained in a quicker and more concise form: click the right mouse button over the contract name in the grid. This displays the pop-up menu illustrated by the second screenshot.

You simply choose Linked funds from the pop-up menu, and the system displays a page listing all the funds available on the contract, and details about their past performance (including risk-adjusted measures such as alpha and beta.)

This list of linked funds is illustrated by the third screenshot and again, it can be saved in PDF form.

Provided that your firm has paid for this module, you can then tick boxes next to one or more funds, and generate factsheets about those funds.