Are there any tools available?

The menu bar on the software’s home page provides access to a number of other tools within the software. Each of these is described in a separate section below. The tools which are listed depend not only on which modules of the software your firm has paid to have access to, but also on whether or not you are an administrative user for your firm.

User listLists all the users in your firm. This link is only displayed if you are an administrator of your firm, or if you have been given the ability to carry out file checks. Normal users of the system instead see a “Your details” link for viewing their own personal information only.
File checkAllows designated users to carry out file checks – read-only access to research created by other people within their firm.
Preset criteriaAllows designated users to set up pre-set criteria for   their firm.
Resource CentreA toolbox of information such as critical illness   definitions, information about special offers etc. Firms who have not paid   for access to the Resource Centre may see a Special Offers link instead of   the Resource Centre link.
Log outLogs you out of the software.

In addition, the menu bar shows your name. Clicking on this takes you a summary of your details, and lets you change your password and other details about your account.