Do you have Ethical funds on the system?

If a fund has an ethical policy, its factsheet will include a green marker at the bottom of the first section which gives the basic details of the fund. This is illustrated and highlighted in the first screenshot.

Clicking on the link in this box (the text “ethical policy”) then displays a separate document describing the exact details of the fund’s ethical policy. This is illustrated by the second screenshot.

The information about a fund’s ethical policy is divided up into the following sections:

  • Areas of investment which the fund avoids (e.g. tobacco, animal testing).
  • Areas of investment which the fund actively seeks to participate in (e.g. conservation).
  • Membership of groups such as UKSIF.
  • Details of the fund’s monitoring and investment-approval processes.

You can return to the main fund factsheet from the ethical policy by using the Fund details link on the menu bar.