How to control the branch / sub company panel permissions in Synaptic Comparator

Should you require that your branches / sub companies use your configured panels and charges (and not have the ability to change them), go into Setup and then to Organisation Structure:

comp 48.png

The company on the example 'Training' has two branches underneath it.  Click on ther arrow next to Training (2) and then click on the branch / company you wish to filter your settings down to, then click on the tab Organisation Settings:

comp 49.png

There are three options:

- can override parent organisation panel - this allows the branch to setup their own platform panel
- can override parent cover sheet - this allows the branch to add in their own report cover sheet
- can overrider parent service levels - this allows the branch to add in their own service levels

Click into the boxes to add a tick to allow branches to override the parent in these three areas.  If there is more than one branch, then each branch will need to have these settings completed for them.

When the branch user next logs in, the Panel Management, Report Features and Service Level settings will be amendable by an individual from the branch who has been designated as an Administrator.