What fund sectors do you have on Synaptic Research?

Synaptic Research uses two different types of fund classification in different contexts:

Relative past performance figures such as quartile rankings and alpha are calculated in relation to the fund’s ABI or IA sector average.

On the Sectors tab and PP tab of a piece of research (and in similar areas such as contract factsheets and lists of linked funds), the system allows the choice of either the FE Global or the IA/ABI classification of funds. Once the choice has been made, all other elements of that piece of research will follow the same choice.

Within the sector names column, life & pension sectors will be prefixed with ‘ABI’ & unit trust/OEICs will have an ‘IA’ prefix.  

Offshore sectors will have the following prefixes to distinguish between the different offshore categories: 

  • B:        FCA Offshore Recognised Funds.
  • DD:      Offshore Insurance Funds.
  • G:       Offshore Regulated Funds.
  • E:        Global ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).  
  • Gl:       FE Global