Creating a special deal for Morningstar

In Synaptic Pathways, you are able to create special deals for Providers. Provider charging structures can vary and may need to be setup differently to ensure the deal pulls through correctly.

For the Morningstar Platform, the standard drawdown charge in Synaptic Pathways is £250. This is the annual Drawdown charge (£125) plus the SIPP annual charge (£125) which results in a combined Drawdown AMC of £250.

If as part of special deal terms with Morningstar the SIPP annual charge is reduced, the Drawdown AMC will also have to be reduced. For example, if the SIPP annual charge is reduced to zero (0), this means the Drawdown AMC should be set up as £125 in Pathways.


Select Edit

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Add amount in the Rate £ field. In this example, the SIPP AMC will be zero:

Click away from the field and Save:

Drawdown AMC

Select Edit

Amend the Rate £ field.

In this example, we will reduce the rate to £125:

Click away from the field and Save

Check the deal is set to Active at the top of the screen: