How are the ranking graphs calculated?

Once you have defined your ranking scheme, and clicked on Calculate, the system displays the resulting league table as illustrated by the screenshot below. This consists of a tab showing the overall scores for each contract, and then a separate tab for each individual ranking criterion.

The overall-score page shows the ranked list of contracts, their total scores, and those scores expressed as a percentage of the highest possible score a contract could have achieved given the ranking scheme you have defined.

If a contract comes top in every single area then its percentage will be shown as 100%. In the example screenshot the top contract scores only 86% because there are individual areas where it did not come top. The section below describes how ranking scores are calculated.

In addition, the overall-score page shows a bar for each contract indicating its total score, and the individual components of that score. Hovering the mouse over any element of the bar displays a tooltip showing what the item is and what score was attained

Tools and options

In addition to the usual links in the menu bar for moving backwards and forwards in the research process, there are also two other tools which are specific to ranking:

Export. If your firm has subscribed to the extra module, the Export facility saves the ranking results as a CSV file which can be opened in Microsoft Excel (and other software).

Save as PDF. This generates a report of the ranking results in PDF format. Before the document option the system displays a pop-up window giving you various options such as the number of contracts to include in the report, whether to have page breaks between each section etc.