Synaptic Comparator uses Silverlight – what are the plans on developing the product with regards to Silverlight?

Synaptic Comparator is an innovative online platform comparison service which allows IFAs to drill down into individual platform costs and the services and funds they offer. The award winning software enables IFAs to compare platform charges, and filter the service according to their preferred platforms, funds, and wrappers.

As you are aware the system uses the Microsoft Silverlight framework to give it a rich and unique user interface that forms a very functional and practical workspace for users. You may also be aware that Microsoft have announced support for Silverlight is due to cease in October 2021.  

As a result Silverlight is not supported in the Microsoft Edge browser, however rest assured you can still use Synaptic Comparator on the popular Internet Explorer browser. 

Between now and October 2021 Synaptic are looking to evolve the Comparator service. This will be in line with both technological and, more importantly, industry changes to ensure that we continue to offer a superior Platform due diligence tool suitable for 2021 and beyond.