How to generate Fund factsheets

In certain parts of Synaptic Comparator, you have the ability to view the factsheets of any funds you are working with.
To view a factsheet, click the factsheets icon in the top menu:


A new menu will appear:


You have up to three options depending on where you are in the system, Selected Fund, Weighted portfolio or Entire portfolio.

To generate a single fund factsheet, make sure Selected Fund is selected, click on the fund you wish to see the factsheet for and click OK.

To generate a Weighted portfolio, select Weighted portfolio, click OK. A factsheet will then be generated that shows the portfolio with the fund splits in place.

To generate a factsheet for the entire portfolio (all funds you have selected, this could be in Fund Panel, Portfolio builder or even in the main Synaptic Comparator Screen) select Entire Portfolio and then OK.

Factsheets will then open in PDF format, if you are within a client record, the generated factsheet will be available for that client within the Contacts area under Activities.