What data is within contract factsheets?

A contract factsheet shows all the information which Synaptic records about a contract. It consists of some or all of the following sections – some sections are not applicable to some types of product.

Special   offer
Any special offer currently available on the contract.
Yes/no markers for whether the contract provides each possible feature.
Yes/no markers for whether the contract offers at least one fund link in each possible sector.
Policy   conditions
All the additional policy conditions recorded by Synaptic.
Financial   strength
Financial strength ratings for the provider from AKG and Moody’s.
Various statistics about the contract such as premium levels, projected surrender values etc.
Past   performance
The past performance figures for each sector.
Linked   funds
A list of all the linked funds available on the contract.
Any additional notes recorded about the contract.

(These groups of information are explained further in the section below about Synaptic’s data.)

Opening contract factsheets

Contract factsheets can be opened from several places:

  • By searching for a contract on the Home page.
  • By clicking on a contract name in a research grid.
  • By clicking on a contract name in the list of ranking results.
  • By clicking on a contract name in a company factsheet.
  • By selecting Factsheet for the selected contract on Synaptic Research’s Report page.
  • By clicking on a contract name in the details of a special offer.

Options and tools

At the top of a contract factsheet is a bar of tickboxes which lets you select which sections of the factsheet to display. Only the ticked sections are included in printed output and PDFs. This bar is illustrated by the screenshot below:

The menu bar at the top of the page provides a number of options:

·         Back to research. Returns to the research page from which you opened the contract factsheet. Only displayed if you have opened by the               factsheet by clicking on a contract name in a research grid.

·         Save as PDF. Turns the factsheet into PDF form for you to download.

·         Linked funds. Shows all the linked funds on the contract, and lets you select one or more to generate fund factsheets for.

·         Research this product type. Starts new research into the type of product to which the contract belongs.