Who supplies your data?

Synaptic Research uses mutual fund and index data supplied by Financial Express Limited.

Financial Express is a data company which specialises in the collection, validation, dissemination and analysis of fund information.

It supplies more than half of all UK fund management companies, providing value for money solutions which emphasis a flexible, reliable and customer service-driven approach.

Financial Express collects fund prices, dividends, histories and factsheet data for around 120,000 UK, offshore and international funds. It provides an addition array of research and analysis technology to help its customers to educate and inform fund management professionals, financial advisers and investors.

The data items supplied by Financial Express include:

  • Core fund information such as name, sectorisation, management group and fund size.
  • Monthly, annual, and cumulative past performance.
  • Some derived functions of past performance such as volatility and quartile rankings.
  • Financial Express ‘Crown ratings’.
  • Asset allocation.
  • Index data and sector averages.

Synaptic then collects the following additional information, and adds it to the Financial Express data:

  • Manager’s name and length of service.
  • Manager’s comments and aim of fund.
  • Derived calculations from the Financial Express past performance data, such as alpha and beta.
  • Fund’s ethical policy.

All questions regarding data source or accuracy should be addressed to Synaptic in the first instance.

Financial Express Crown Ratings

Synaptic Research includes Financial Express Crown ratings. These are quant-based ratings system designed to highlight funds that have had superior consistent performance in relation to risk, relative to their peer groups.

Intellectual property

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