What's in Pathways 6.9 Release?

We're pleased to share the highlights of our latest Pathways product release

What’s New in Version 6.9
  • Client Special Deals - Create special deals against a client record
  • Cashflow Retirement Edition - Annuity quote updates and general improvements
  • Switching Journey - Withdrawals considered in the research and single ceding scheme scenarios included in the report
  • Advanced Fund Searches - Portfolio Builder & Fund Lists - Advanced Search option which includes, global & local sectors, parent funds only, whole of market mode and generic funds
  • Client Holdings - Manual performance records

For further details on the enhancements and updates, see release notes and video below:

Synaptic Pathways 6.9 Release Notes.pdf

Should you have any queries before or after this update, please talk to our support team on 0808 164 5463.