What are the differences between fund research and product research?

It may be useful to note the following minor differences between product and fund research – facilities which work differently, or which are not available on fund research:

  • A grid of fund research cannot be flipped. It can only be displayed in its standard orientation, with funds down the side and fields across the top.
  • The Comparison tool is not available on fund research.
  • Funds cannot be manually excluded from research. (However, you can convert fund research into a manual fund list, and then remove the funds you are not interested in.)
  • Fund research has a Factsheet and a Graph button in the toolbar at the top of the research grid. These provide a quick way of documenting multiple funds, and are not displayed for product research.

Strictly speaking, sector filtering also works differently (because it’s doing a different kind of job). In product research, contracts are eliminated unless they offer at least one fund in all the sectors you specify. In fund research, funds are included if they are in any of the sectors.