What can someone in a Administrator role see and do?

This role allows the user to setup all of the settings described in this guide.

  • User can create/edit /delete users in your organisation and assign roles and licences
  • User can create/edit /delete child organisations and assign licences to the child organisation
  • User can create/edit /delete users in the child organisations and assign roles and licences
  • User can reassign a user’s clients to another user – (for use in deletion of users)
  • User can set adviser charges, assets under management, report features and fund panel (Fund Universe in Synaptic Client interface) which apply across the organisations users
  • User can see a read only view of applied special deals.
  • User can override the service levels, panel management and the report cover sheet if the parent organisation allows the user to.
  • User can give those permissions to a child organisation so their organisation can do those functions only if the user has those permissions themselves
  • In the Synaptic Client interface the user can create custom assets and publish them (akin to portfolios) to the organisation or the organisation and child organisations – this is only if the parent organisation has given the user permission to create custom assets.
  • User can override the Modeller journey settings if the parent has given permission to do so
  • User can also create the fund universe and portfolios and see a read only view of the Modeller Customisation.