How do I link my Webline account?

Within the Analyser journey you are able to generate an Annuity quote for your client. 

You will need to link your Webline account within the Synaptic Suite before you can do this. 

Start by logging into the Synaptic Suite and select the Webline tab at the top of the screen:

Click into the Account Details tile:

Here you will need to complete your Webline number, Username and Password. Click 'Save' when you are done:

The details will be checked to make sure they are correct. If they save without an error, your details for Webline are correct. You can now use the Webline Annuity Service within Analyser.

If your Webline number, username or password is incorrect, you will get the following message:

If you are having trouble with your logon details, you will need to contact our Application Support team on 0808 164 5463 Option 1 or email