How do I filter on field values in the grid?

When you have added a data column to the grid you can then filter the grid by clicking on values in the column. For example, in the first screenshot, clicking on the highlighted “Yes” value (or any of the other Yes values below it) would add filtering on phased investment.

In other words, you can add fields to the grid to see which contracts offer that feature, and then only filter on the value after you’ve found out this information. This is effectively a “query by example”, and can be easier to use than creating filters manually using the field list to the left of the screen.

If you click on a numeric field rather than a yes/no field then the system displays the pop-up menu illustrated by the second screenshot.

This provides three different filtering options: greater or equal to, less or equal to, and simply equal to.

You cannot filter on fields which are purely textual rather than numeric. If you click on these fields then the system simply shows the field’s contents in a pop-up window.