Can we update the text on the Attitude to Risk Questionnaire when sending to a client?

Within Configuration, under your Company Settings > Risk Questionnaire Message, you can enter additional text which will appear alongside the standard email information when sending an Attitude to Risk Questionnaire to a client to complete. 

Hello <client name>  

As we discussed, here is an Attitude to Risk questionnaire that I'd like you to complete.  

<your Risk Questionnaire Message text will appear here> 

You do not have to enter any personal data. It's simply a list of questions about how you perceive financial risk.  

This is a one-time use, private access portal. You can access it through this link:  

<personalised link> 

Once you've completed the questionnaire, I'll get a notification to say it's ready for me to look at.  

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks, 

<your name> 

<your company logo> 

<your company name> 

<your firm reference number> 

<your disclaimer text>