Comparison & Ex-Ante - Research Filtering


When updating the term, click Update Results

Filter Results by Provider

Filter the results by selecting one or more providers in the drop down:

Click back into the drop down to select multiple providers

Filter Results by Product

Filter the results by selecting one or more products in the drop down:

Multiple products can be selected:

Sort Results by Value

Select the button you would like to sort the results by:

Note: It may seem like the results in the list are not updating. this may be because the Growth, Final Value, Charges and R.I.Y are already ascending. 

Change Segment

This button will be disabled on Whole of Market Research:

If using a Central Investment Proposition, the button will be available to select and will allow you to change segment:

Stakeholder Pension

When Stakeholder Pension is selected, it will be displayed at the top of the results screen:

If a Retirement wrapper is not added to the research, Stakeholder Pension button will be disabled.

Exclude Fees

When Exclude Fees is selected, the results screen will recalculate to reflect values based on zero adviser charges.

3 Significant Figures

When selected, 3 significant will be displayed in the Results.