Creating a Trial - Existing Salesforce Customers

Your administrator will need to manage the package installation into Salesforce. Follow this link to Salesforce guidance on Installing Packages. Please note - we do not require passwords for installations and always recommend installing on sandbox first for test purposes.

You can create a new trial through our website or through the Salesforce AppExchange.

Synaptic Website

Go to

Enter details you would use if your licence would be converted to a full licence. Your company name will be used to create an unique URL for your trial.

Salesforce AppExchange

Go to Synaptic Pathways - Synaptic Software Limited - AppExchange (

As seen below, you are able to scroll through screenshots of Synaptic Pathways, view the Highlights and Description. Features, Requirements, Support Details, Data Sheets and White Papers can be found at the bottom of the page.

To create your 30-day trial, you will need to click ‘Get It Now’

Log into your Trailblazer account:

Complete the details to start your free trial:

Please note: ensure your username and email address are the credentials you would like to use when your trial account is converted to a full licence.

Once you select ‘Start New Trial’ you will receive an email to login. Click the link to open Pathways Risk Explorer.

Please note - this may take a few minutes to come through. If you have not received the email, check your Junk folder.

To login in the future, you can access Synaptic Pathways through this direct link - Synaptic Pathways | Synaptic Software or through our website - Synaptic Software.

Enter a new password, security question and answer. Click ‘Change Password’:

This will log you into your Pathways Risk explorer trial version:

The system will come with some pre-populated data as standard. This will allow you to view test Contacts, Attitude to Risk Questionnaires and Illustrations.

As seen in the contact below, Casey Cooper has been populated with test data.

All Contacts, Attitude to Risk Questionnaires and Illustrations you enter onto your trial version, will be pulled through to your purchased version.

Next step - Set up your Attitude to Risk site - Setup - Attitude to Risk Questionnaire

Trial Conditions

Existing Salesforce customers get a 30-day trial of our Synaptic Pathways application.