Ex-Ante - Add Investment

Once the Research has been created, you can start to add Investments to Research. See articles on how to create Research - Ex-Ante - Creating through the homepage, Ex-Ante - Creating in the Research tab or Ex-Ante - Creating research within a client record

Add investment through the Add Investment + button:

Complete the Wrapper Type, Target Risk Category, Objective & Needs and Ability to Bear Losses:

Once all fields have been completed, further detail will appear below:

As we are completing Ex-Ante only research, you will need to select the Product to research:

Select either Platforms or Off Platform Products:.

Please note - If using a Central Investment Proposition, only Platforms & Products added to the CIP and assigned to the segment will appear here.

Select Platform from the drop down:

In the example below, Self Invested Personal Pension has been pulled through from the Investment Details. Select the SIPP product:


Enter the Investment Details.

 Once entered, a summary will be calculated:

Select the Portfolio or Fund in the Fund Selection area:

Choose between Portfolio or Fund

If Portfolio is selected, you are able to select the type of portfolio in the All drop down:

In this example, we have selected Discretionary Fund Managers. 

When searching, only Portfolios offered by Discretionary Fund Managers will be returned:

Advanced Search allows you narrow the search by Promoter, Range, Risk Category & Portfolio Basis:

If Risk Category is set, this will return DFM portfolios with a risk rating of Moderately Cautious (High End). 

Click Apply:

If selecting a fund, click Fund:

Search for funds using the fund name or fund code:

Once done, click Save