Ex-Post Reviews - Optimise

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The optimise button allows you to optimise the holding portfolio for the proposal.

You are able to:

  • Review the funds and current weightings to determine whether the portfolio should be updated.
  • Add and remove funds
  • Change weightings 
  • Rebalance
  • Find new target weightings
  • Select an alternative portfolio

Click Optimise:


If you have made any changes to the funds or weightings, selecting Rebalance will rebalance the portfolio back to the funds and weightings agreed at the last review:

Find Weightings

The Find Weightings button allows you to calculate and update the fund target weightings to match a target risk category.

In this example, I have added two additional funds to the portfolio:

The Find Weightings button will be greyed out if all funds are locked. Unlock funds to enable the button.

Once unlocked, the fund weightings will automatically update, split equally.

Click Find Weightings

Set the Target Risk Category

Minimum Target Weighting in ALL Fund (%) will be set to 1% by default. Update if required.


The fund weightings have updated to reflect the new Target Risk Category:

Select Portfolio

Select Portfolio will replace all existing funds with those from a chosen portfolio.

Click the Select Portfolio button:

Narrow down the results by selecting the type or start typing to search:

Save Portfolio

The portfolio has updated with new funds and weightings:

Revert to Starting Values

If you would like to revert back to the original portfolio, select Revert to Starting Values:

The funds and weightings have reverted to the funds on the previous illustration.

Once you have optimised the portfolio, Save & Update:

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