I answered 'No' to the capacity for loss question and I can't undo it - how can I change this?

Capacity for Loss questions are found in the first steps of the Illustration Journey. This includes a question around what your client can afford to lose, based on their attitude to risk. Completing this questionnaire will populate the Suitability Statement in the Results screen and will add a Statement in the Compliance details tab.

Note: It is not compulsory to answer the question at this stage of the illustration. Leave it blank and continue to the Results screen. Any change made when editing details in the journey or the Advanced Options tab will reset the question and you will be prompted to answer before continuing to the report.

If you answer 'Yes' to this question, it will update on the Results screen & the Compliance tab to show the client can afford to lose the min gain amount.

If you incorrectly select 'No' this will change the statement to show the client cannot afford to loose the min. gain amount.

To change the answer to the question, you can either click on 'Capacity for Loss' in the top breadcrumb to go back and change the answer, or make any amendment to the scenario through the advanced options screen for it to reset the question.