In-House Discretionary - Platforms & Products

This article is a continuation of In-House Discretionary - Asset Allocation

In an In-House Discretionary Portfolio, you are able to add Platforms and Products that the product can be purchased through.

Use the Search box to find available platforms:

Click the + button to select the Platform:

Once added, products under the platforms can be excluded/included:

As Platforms are added, they will appear minimised. They can be maximised and minimised through the arrow on the left side:

To remove a Platform and all the underlying assets, unselect the Platform:

Off-Platforms products can be added and removed through the Off-Platform tab:

The availability of the portfolio should be considered when performing platform/product comparisons or ex-ante research.

Once you have added the platforms & off-platform products to the portfolio, the costs & charges associated with the portfolio will be pulled through when conducting research.

A special deal can be added for each platform/product added. This will allow you to create a deal specific to the use of the In-House Discretionary Portfolio in Research.

For further information on Switch research, see article

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