Link to CIExpert from Pathways

Log into Synaptic Pathways, find or add a Client 

Add relevant Client Details needed to obtain a Critical Illness quote, such as Birthdate and Sex

Under the Medical tab, add Smoker Status. If you would like to request Partially Underwritten Quotes, complete the Body Mass Index (BMI) details  

On the Related tab, go to the Protection section and click New

Enter a Protection Name for the research and click Save

Click on the Protection Name 

Select the products for quote comparison and click Add

Pathways Protection will automatically return quote results based on default settings for the product.  From the Benefit List on the left hand menu, click the Edit button on the product to update quote requirements

Edit the Product details for the Critical Illness cover required and click Save

The results will be updated based on the cover selected. The CIExpert button can be seen at the top right of the comparison results screen

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