Risk Illustrations - Charts

This article is a continuation of article Risk Illustrations - Report Content.

The outcome chart will show Contributions, Net Money In, Min, Mean and Max return figures as well as Withdrawals.

Hovering over the chart will highlight the line/bar you are interested in, with a tool tip of the information for each year.

You are able to toggle information in and out of the chart by clicking on the options within the key. As seen in the below example, I have unselected Net Money In, Contributions and Withdrawals. This leaves the Forecast Mean Return, Forecast Min. Return and the Forecast Max. Return:

The below chart shows the Net Money In, Contributions and Withdrawals, with the Min, Mean and Max Gain figures unselected. 

Please note: If there is a high net money in figure with a low amount of contributions and withdrawals, these may appear small in the chart.

The target field will be greyed out in the outcome view, but can be edited in the 'Edit' tab.

The next article explains the Advanced Options tab, see Risk Illustrations - Advanced Options.