What's in Pathways 4.2 Release?

Pathways Product Update
Enhancements to research journeys

We're pleased to share an overview of some of the changes in our latest Pathways release 

  • Add historic/off sale holdings to use in research journeys
  • Set default growth rates
  • Export portfolio fund lists
  • Set In-house discretionary portfolio asset allocation
  • Select fund or portfolio asset allocation projections for In-house discretionary portfolios

Enhancements to the Ex-ante, Ex-post and Switching licensed features include

  • Cost breakdown on Ex-ante report
  • Override alternative Share class Asset Allocation in Ex-ante or Ex-post journeys 
  • Record multiple charges on ceding schemes during switching analysis

The new version will be applied to your organisation on Friday, 17 June between 07:00 and 08:00 BST, please do not logon during this time. Once complete, you will have immediate access to the updates within your system.

Please open the Synaptic Pathways 4.2 Release Notes document below for further details on the enhancements.

If you would like a demonstration of the new features, please send your request to hello@synaptic.co.uk or book a demo using the button below. 

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Should you have any queries before or after this update, please talk to our support team on 0808 164 5463.

Synaptic Pathways 4.2 Release Notes.pdf