What's in Pathways 6.0 Release?

Pathways Product Update
New features and enhancements to research journeys 

We're pleased to share the highlights of our latest Pathways product release

  • New features
    • Pathways Protection; single life quotes for level term, income protection and critical illness benefit types
    • intelliflo office 2-way integration; for client and plan actions (launches January 2023)
  • Enhancements to existing features
    • Integration support for Synaptic Webline and Synaptic Product & Fund with population of client details
    • Switching updates to ceding scheme selection and stakeholder pension in results
    • Updates to the Ex-ante Costs and Charges Statement

Please open the Synaptic Pathways 6.0 Release Notes document below for further details on the enhancements.

If you would like a demonstration of the new features, please send your request to hello@synaptic.co.uk or book a demo using the button below. 

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Should you have any queries before or after this update, please talk to our support team on 0808 164 5463.

Synaptic Pathways 6.0 Release Notes.pdf