What's in Pathways 4.1 Release?

Pathways Product Update
Ex-post Reviews, Switching Analysis and Valuations

We're pleased to share the new licensable features and analysis tools

  •    Ex-post Reviews
  •    Valuations for Holdings
  •    Switching Analysis

These features extend the existing Risk, Comparison and Ex-ante illustration capabilities in Synaptic Pathways, continuing our mission to reduce research tasks from hours to minutes. 

If you would like a demonstration of the new features, please send your request to hello@synaptic.co.uk or book a demo using the button below. 

Book a Demo

New functionality and enhancements

Along with our new branding, we've introduced more core functionality and made enhancements to the existing journeys to deliver an improved customer experience

  • In-house discretionary portfolios
  • Benchmark portfolio performance
  • Illustration share class locking
  • Convert an illustration to a holding
  • Create holdings
  • Risk Rate holdings

When you logon to Pathways on Friday, an 'Action Required' message will appear at the top right of your screen prompting you to update your software. Once complete, you will have immediate access to the updates within your system.

Synaptic Pathways 4.1 Release Notes.pdf