Switching - Add Ceding Scheme

Once the Research has been created, you can start to add Ceding Schemes to the research. See articles on how to create switching research - Switching - Creating through the homepage, Switching - Creating in the research tab or Switching - Creating within a client record.

To add a Ceding scheme, click + Add Ceding Scheme:

If you know the Maturity value of the scheme, leave the tick below active. If not, disable:

If disabled, this will grey out the maturity value fields in the Projections area further down the screen. 

Complete details of the ceding scheme:

Please note - Ensure the transfer field is completed, this will be used when adding the target scheme.

If there are any Cost & Charges, click +Add New

Enter details of the charge and Save

Additional charges can be added through the +Add New button.

Enter the Growth Rates & Maturity Values and Calculate:

The Reduction in Yield and the Adjusted Maturity Value will be calculated:

The details of the ceding scheme are complete. Save

This will populate the ceding scheme, including the consolidated scheme area.

Additional schemes can be added through the +Add Ceding Scheme button:

When multiple schemes are added, the consolidated scheme area will update with combined values:

For further information on Switch research, see article Switching - Add Target Scheme