There are different ticks next to the funds in my portfolio. What's the difference?

When adding funds to a portfolio, there will either be a green tick, a blue 'Set' button or a blue tick icon.

These indicate the following:

The fund has asset allocation data

The asset allocation has been supplied by the Provider as part of the Synaptic Risk Service

'Set' will appear next to a fund where we have not received the asset allocation. This allows the administrator to 'Set' the override asset allocation for the fund. Only the administrator can amend this information. 

Users will see a blue tick next to funds where the administrator has set the asset allocation.

This blue tick appears where the administrator has overridden the asset allocation data:

To check the details of the set asset allocation, click the blue tick:

For details on how to set the asset allocation, see article: Creating a Portfolio

Please Note: When we receive fund updates, it is possible we will start receiving asset allocation for funds that has previously been overridden. The new asset allocation will replace any manually set.